Welcome to TrueBlue

TrueBlue is the monthly giving program for supporters of Mount Mary University and our vision: to be recognized as a diverse learning community that works in partnership with local, national and global organizations to educate women to transform the world.

Mount Mary University’s dedication to nurturing bold, brilliant women is built upon solid traditions of the School Sisters of Notre Dame that is forever present on our campus. Since 1913, these courageous women have infused Mount Mary with strong values and an unquenchable spirit.

our commitment

Our commitment to the development of the whole person continues to shine through more than 100 years later. Mount Mary fosters personal growth through creativity, social justice and a solid curriculum for professional success — regardless of a student’s major.

Your consistent monthly donation means so much. Your commitment enables us to be intentional in allocating resources in support of our mission and helps all students to pursue their educational goals and experiential opportunities that will change their lives forever. 

 Please join the TrueBlue monthly giving program to ignite the spirit of love and learning.